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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 9, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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pretty amazing images of a fire in san francisco. we have all the details coming plus a drug bust in the silicon valley leads police to a secret lab making drugs ten times stronger than lsd. and brace yourselves, a two-year makeover starting today interchange near the valley fair mall. >> just in time for christmas shop. let's take a live look outside, bay bridge. you made it to friday morning, november 9th. this is "today in the bay."ç yes, say that one more time. friday? >> yes, it is friday. >> she was saying who makes that call on the interchange decision right pr the holidays?ç she said it was men. i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. wet night in parts of the bay area, wet morning as well.
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that video that was shot by our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri in san francisco. supposedly you can hear the rain coming down? >> you can hear it on the roof here. >> it was really coming down here probably about half an hour ago, at least over the south bay. you know who really knows where that'sç coming down, let's che in with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you. i never knew my chief meteorologist was such an amazing photographer. we have snow on mt. hamilton this morning and temperatures are in the 30s in some cities. what a difference a couple ofç days make and look at all that moisture still coming down in the south bay. we'll be fair game for showers on and off throughout the day at that. we'll time them out on your doorstep. slick roadways mean dangerous driving conditions. with mike inouye. >> it's only 4:32 and look at the roadways, very, very light flow of traffic.
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here's the 880/280 interchange. i was looking for an accident which just reported cleared now from the roadway, south 880 to northbound 280, that connector, that is cleared. but northbound 17 off the bottom of your screen there's an accident there approaching the interchange and 101 southbound at blossom hill, that is just clearing from the roads. three in the southç bay at thi time, that's unusual. back to you. new this morning, new video of a massive fire at a house in san francisco. take a look at this. the fire starting last night at the city's monterey heights neighborhood. this home was actuallyç being renovated at the time but we are happy to report despite all those flames and heat nobody was in the building at the time so nobody was injured when the fire started. this one took firefighters about an hour and a half to finally get those flames under control. no word yet as toç a cause. also new this morning, antioch police piecing together clues of a deadly shooting. around 8:30 last night a
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44-year-old man checked himself into a hospital after being shot. detectife" found evidence outside a home on west 18th street. no arrests have been made and police have not released any suspect information. mountain view police say more arrests are coming following a first of its kind drug bust in the silicon valley. late yestestay s.w.a.t. officers raiding what appears to be a drug lab operating out of this apartment building. investigators recovering plants, acid-based solutns and tools in that apartment used to make a drug called dmt. ifç you haven't heard of dmt, this is the same class of drug as lsd but experts say this one is ten times stronger. >> it's certainly something we don't want spread. i mean that's for sure. from what i know, this is the first of its kindç and we definitely don't want it popping up in other cities, especially ours. >> sounds like pretty scary and intense stuff there. officers arresting two people and detained three others. investigators say at this point
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it's too early to know if this is part ofç a larger operationr merely a stand-alone operation. this morning walnut creek police are searching for two men who kidnapped a woman from a parking lot. she was leaving her office when she said two men grabbed her, tied her up and putç her in th back of a car. she claims they drove her to several atms looking f for mone. >> the men tied her up, put her in the back seat of a car. they went to aç number of different locations where the suspects did get some money from some of they are banking accounts. >> after about four hours the woman says she was dropped off in the oakland hills. she was able to free herself and went to a nearby home to call police. she suffered minor injuries. police are looking for two white men possibly driving an old pickup truck with a loud muffler. police need your help in connection to an attempted kidnapping.
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this sketch is ofç a man they y tried to grab a 14-year-old girl walking on 103rd street road on monday afternoon. they tried to pull her into a car where another man was waiting. that girl fortunately was able to escape. officers right now working on a sketbx of the second man involved. a man injured while celebrating the giants world series win last week has died and now police are asking for help to find out how it happened. he was hit in the head during the revelry on october 28çth. he went to the hospital where he died two days later. police say they're not sure whether he was attacked or just accidentally hurt. they're now asking possible witnesses for any surveillance hotos to help solve the case. school administrators in albany want parents to talk to their children about depression and suicide, along with how to cope with tragedy. this panel using a special meeting to address those topics in the wake of twoç recent deas
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in that school district. popular middle school teacher james izumazaki was arrested on suspicion of lewd acts with a former student. he killed himself days çlater. days later the body of cathy qiu was identified on a beach in half moon bay. less than 24 hours after winning re-election, the president of the çmoraga schoo board resigned. he announced his resignation effective immediately. he recused himself from the board's meeting wednesday morning where they discussed a sex abuse lawsuit brought against the district.ç board members will review options to replace him on tuesday. san francisco is set to become the very first city in the u.s. to offer its uninsured transgender residents free sex reassignment surgery. the health commissionç announc its approval of the new
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transgender health initiative. it will treat people experiencing mental distress because of the mismatch between their bodies and gender identities. public health officials say the initiative probably won't be up and running until late nextç yr and shouldn't put too much of a strain on the city's budget. the snow is coming down in the sierra this morning. we've got new video that shows traffic backed up on interstate 80 heading into tahoe. chain control is in full çeffe. more snow is expected this weekend, but you don't have to go to tahoe to see the white stuff. we may actually get some right here in the bay area in the higher elevations. >> it's a crazy week. we had record temperatures, now crazy rain and lots of snow. christina loren, you+e a busy woman this week. >> i am and we actually have that snowfall coming down as we speak high atop mt. hamilton. good morning to you. right now for the most part concentrated over the south and the east bay, but we have slick conditions adl across the bay area. this is the kicker, take a look at your temperatures this
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morning. yeah, unexpected to hit 39 degrees in novato. yeah, when we just hit the 90s in some cities a couple days ago. 41 degrees to you,ç 39 in petaluma and 37 this morning in santa rosa. look at this, dpgilroy is down degrees. tomorrow morning even colder conditions. we're expecting a very, very frosty start as youç wake up sunday morning. winds have dropped off everywhere except for santa cruz where we're still sustained at 11 miles an hour. debris on the highways because it was gusty yesterday. highs today onlyç reaching the 50s. 58 in livermore today, 57 in gilroy and 56 degrees in fremont. we'll take you to that seven-day outlook. after all, you made it to friday. hi, mike. >> made it to friday, let's make it through çfriday. look at this live look. 101 northbound, you can't really tell from here, there's a little
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sheen on the roadway but there are damp conditions throughout the south bay. also we overlaid the weather data, that blue square is where there may be some puddling. the blue means possible ponding, possible puddling. we're looking at the green overlay as well and the entire south bay possible for damp roads. maybe the slick on and off ramps. saw a number of spinouts. those have all cleared including the one at blossom hill at the bottom of your screen. a little sheen to the roadway there as well, light volume of traffic and no major slowing but very cold out there too so the potential for slippery conditions and col"r roads. we'll watch for that snow she talked about that will affect you if you're heading over toward the sierra. speaking of the roads, relief is on its way for south bay commuters. work starting on a major roadway known for seriously heavy hr(t&háhp &hc a ground-breaking ceremony taking place later on this morning near the valley fair mall and santana row.
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that project should be done in about two years. coming up in our next half hour, bob redell is live with howç t construction will impact holiday shopping and those two shopping centers as lgc over here laughs a little bit. perfect timing for the holidays. what the vpa is telling people living in the area. it's probably be patient. >> exactly. it's 4:40. the waiting game starts for this years mavericks big wave invitational. organizers are hoping for ideal weather conditions to start the one-day contest. when it's eventually called, two dozen of the world's best surfers will have 24 hours to get to pillar point near half moon bay and hit those waves. mavericks is still selling general admission tickets through its website. last year's website was cancelled because of bad weather. >> might be chilly out there this year. are you goine >> maybe. >> thinking about it? she does a little of everything for us. the police called off the opening of a new outlet mall in
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livermore. we'll let you know why. plus what president obama is doing this morning to try to keep the nation from falling over that so-(b&led fiscal cliff. >> everybody hanging on. and members of s.e.a.l. team 6 punished for helping out a redwood city-based company. we'll tell you exactly what they did wrong coming up next.
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in just a few hours, president obama will address the nation from the white house. his first since winning re-election. he'll be talking about how america avoids falling off the fiscal cliff at the end of the year. tracie potts has the latest on the financial battle on capitol hill. >> reporter: this afternoon president obama is expected to urge congress to extend the bush tax cuts right away and cooperate to avoid the fiscal cliff, including big spending cuts at the end of this year. >> everyone is going to have to come to the table in the spirit of getting something done. >> reporter: that means democrats may have to take the hatchet to social security and medicare. >> they're going to have to cut some additional spending. >> reporter: and republicans may have to raise taxes on the wealthy. conservatives say that's not what house speaker john boehner meant this week when he signalled his party is open to creating new revenue. >> boehner's position is exactly where it was a year ago, two years ago, four years ago.
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don't raise taxes, have pro economic growth and government will get more revenue. >> reporter: boehner also speaks today. >> what we have to watch for is whether the speaker and the president are on entirely different planets. >> reporter: but a fiscal truce won't calm wall street. >> it will create uncertainty going forward until everything is determined in the new congress. >> reporter: thursday the congressional budget office predicted if congress doesn't act, unemployment could hit 9.1% next year. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. as tracie mentioned, that fiscal cliff could end up trigger a rise in unemployment. for a more in-depth look at the possible recession that could be causing, we turn to jackie deangeles live at cnbc headquarters. good morning, jackie. >> reporter: good morning, jon. ratings agency standard & poor's says that it sees a 15% chance the u.s. will go over the fiscal cliff next year. however, the agency is saying paul so makers are likely to
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compromise in time to avoid most if not all potential economic effects of the cliff. meanwhile the nonpartisan congressional budget office says tax hikes for the wealthy won't hurt economic growth but does warrant if america goes over the fiscal cliff the economy will return to a recession and unemployment will go over 9%. president obama is scheduled to make his first public comments since his re-election at 1:00 p.m. eastern today from the white house regarding the economy and also the deficit. the stock futures are trending lower this morning after the major u.s. averages slumped for a second straight day. the dow, s&p 500 and nasdaq closed at three-month lows. the asian markets fell overnight. european markets heading into negative territory as well. yesterday the dow fell 121 points to close at 12,811. the nasdaq falling 41 to 2895. jon, back over to you. >> all right, thank you very much for the update. we'll check back with you a little later on. we've been talking about how
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cold it is already. you can see it out there. we want to check the current temperatures right now with christina. >> good morning to you. we've got a good-looking day shaping up. it is going to be cold out there. we need the rain. as you know, we've had a very dry past few months and temperatures have not been this cold for almost four months in the bay area. we're at 39 degrees to start in novato, snow coming down as we speak high atop mt. hamilton. as we head throughout the next couple days we'll stay nice and cool. temperatures are cool, grab that jacket. also grab that umbrella. you'll see a quick flash of white. that's snow coming down on top of mt. hamilton, which is hard to believe considering we were in record territory for the first part of this week. so we stop the clock on your futurecast at 8:00 a.m. still expecting lingering shower activity. today we'll get a little bit of a break, partial clearing and a few more showers late tonight and tomorrow morning. you'll need that jacket today as highs are only going to be in the 50s. highs today around 58 in places like livermore.
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we take you through your three-day forecast. up to the 60s on veterans day. sunday and monday of next week starting to warm up. back to you. it is 4:48 right now. a consumer warning for people looking to buy a car. superstorm sandy just hammering everything in sight, including a long list of damaged vehicles out on that east coast. auto experts from say 300,000 new and used cars could end up in the market. unscrupulous dealers are using illegal techniques when they alter or conceal information on a damaged car. but they tell us there are simple tests to avoid being taken. >> because when a car is -- sits in standing water, particularly in saltwater, that car will take on a smell that's very difficult to get rid of. >> you can pull up a vehicle history report or look for the visual clues like dirty water lines or maybe some fish in the back seat? there's nothing illegal about selling those cars just as long as consumers are told before a
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purchase. >> you can't just febreze. seven members of the unit known as s.e.a.l. team 6 are in trouble for helping out electronic arts. they paid them to consult on the new video game. the deputy commander says the s.e.a.l.s provided classified information. one of the s.e.a.l.s was actually part of the mission that killed osama bin laden. the s.e.a.l.s received a letter of reprimand, which means they cannot get promoted and also lost some wages but will not serve any jail time. thousands of people right now doing their holiday shopping out in the east bay. guess what, it's causing a major traffic headache there. 580 moving at a snail's pace for hours yesterday with shoppers flooding the grand opening of that new paragon outlet in livermore. a total of 120 high-end stores with deep discounts are the big-time attraction. mall managers hiring the chp to
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try and help keep all those cars moving. shoppers say, hey, if you can handle the traffic, it's worth the headache. >> yeah, there's a lot of traffic. >> it's horrendous but it's done. >> kenneth cole had great deals, coach outlet had great deals. actually everywhere we went had additional. >> the traffic was fun. she must have got great deals. the new mall open until midnight tonight and tomorrow night. >> wow, look at that. it's good ft economy down there too. it is usually president obama who makes major addresses to the nation, but this morning the vice president is getting ready for his primetime debut. we'll have details next. plus, we're going to get a glimpse of history found right here in the bay area. we'll tell you about this coming up. looked like an old loaf of bread but probably not what it is. look at the water on the roadways. the bay bridge, the puddling and slippery conditions. we'll give you a look at one of the other problems we talked about earlier and give you the update coming up.
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good morning, welcome back, everybody. a live look at the hp pavilion. the san jose sharks and entire nhl still not working. the owners lockout in full effect. a slew of games have already been cancelled. we have a glimmer of a little good news. labor talks between the players union and the owners continuing today for a fourth straight day. keep your fingers crossed on that. we go from the ice to the ice
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age. yes, that may be long gone, but the bay area getting a look at a unique find, a very unique find. the california academy of science now showing off a recently discovered mammoth tooth. it was found back in september during construction of the city's transbay transit center. scientists say tens of thousands of years ago san francisco was merely a grassy valley with mammoths and sabre tooth cats. >> look at that. >> it's 4:54. vice president joe biden making his primetime debut on nbc. he's going to make a cameo appearance in "parks & recreation" next thursday night. the show's executive producer said it was hard to keep biden's appearance a secret. it couldn't air before the election because it was equivalent for a campaign advertisement. "parks & rec" airs thursday
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night right here on nbc bay area. >> my question is, is joe going to get union scale? what are they going to pay him? >> see what his agent says about that. it's 4:55. mike inouye, what's happening on the roads? >> we do have a lot of overnight rain. that rain is sitting there, slicker conditions in many spots. here's the san mateo bridge. you can catch the headlights a little sheen on the roadway. but this is just fine, the bridge itself. over on the east bayside, we'll look at the map and you see construction west 92 at the hisperian offramp. we're looking at the green here and that looks like maybe wet pavement. westbound at north livermore avenue at accident over at the shoulder. speeds coming down to 60. lower those speeds a tad bit. i'm circling this right here. you talked about the paragon
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outlets in livermore. that's about where it is. both directions starting at 10:00 yesterday became slammed with traffic. there was an accident, i thought maybe that was helping make things a little slower, but no, for hours it stayed basically at a gridlock from the dublin interchange to that area. that was a problem for many folks trying to get through the area yesterday. we'll track it today. it's 4:56. the winners of the big awards will be announced next week but major league baseball already handing out some hardware. buster posey the winner of the national league silver slugger award for catchers. it is given to the best offensive player in each position. giants pitcher barry zito has won the hutch award. it's given to the player who demonstrates the honor, courage and dedication of major league baseball. and the a's billy bean was named the sporting news major league baseball executive of the year.
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it's the second time he's won that award. >> big congratulations to all those gentlemen. buster posey on fire. comeback player of the year, now on his way to the mvp. 4:57. people braving the cold weather just trying to make sure they have enough to eat this holiday season. we'll have a live report next.
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>> reporter: the rain and cold can't hold them back. more than 100 people in line at this hour in san jose for a chance at holiday food and toys. i'm christie smith. we'll have a live look coming up. >> wow. temperatures are in the 40s, it is cold out there this morning and we still have a lot of rain coming town on the radar in addition to snow on top of mt. hamilton. your forecast in just moments. >> reporter: i'm bob redell. we'll take you live to the south bay. we are just hours away from ground breaking on a project that should relieve a massive traffic headache here in san jose. that story coming up. >> eventually but it might cause one as well. we're looking over to


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